October 24, 2008

decided to blog.

but not sure where to start.

okie now graphic designer can eat grass!!! everyone wants graphic designer to know everything. i am happy if i know every thing.

especially WEB DESIGN!!!

I love it. but takes time for me to learn.

time = money. where money comes from? work as graphic designer. back to square one. now web design is getting HOT! REAL HOT!!!!

this few weeks, i have been like a mummies... enclose in a coffin. dunno wat happen to the world. and i start thinkin y most pple need a period of time to be alone. becoz they emo? they as cool? sense someone stalking them?

no. becoz they need some space for them to breath. its tired to keep runnin and runnin. i nv say i run. i jus wanna try the coffin. ooooo....

Rem to watch "the coffin" looks nice. haha.. thailand show always full of expect the unexpected. Its exciting.

i mean slack. this brought me to more probs. probs that shows i have ruin my future. i have disappointed alot of pple. especially to someone who i know in jus a period of 9 days. and many more pple.

all this matters alot. these fews week jus makes me more and more no hope. no confident. NB!!

getting from bad to worst. trust me i know myself. when i start to stand up, there seems a chance to win. half way thru, i know i failed and fall deeper. jus get deeper and deeper. NB!!

its like...............k...............n..............n....

theres is one thing i will not give up. i wan to help her make it hot!!! its wat i like to do too. its not easy. some pple close down, some pple survive. some very hot some not hot. pple say everyone is doin it. but issit not creative to join in wat everyone is doing? i think its quite exciting to join in and to stand up. i dun say 90% i will but we will try to stand up.

if this fails again, ha... this prove tat i really CMI!!! I WILL TRY!!!

interesting "sexdrive" haha oneword makes pple think alot.

11:24 AM.
October 18, 2008


1:17 AM.
October 03, 2008

bcoz we singaporean are selfish.... onli care for ourselves. all scare to protest. lay low sit down listen wat gov have to say den all lan lan say okie okie. all know sg gov will protect us. so all sit guai guai get monthly pay dun let police catch dun provoke gov and can led happy life. got 3 sets meal per day children guai guai dun any how learn bad things can liao. tats it.




3:31 PM.
September 24, 2008

these few days i doin html stuff.

NNB... if not for the sake of doin somestuff, i will nv open a blog from livejournal...

the most fucked up blogsite. everything so hard to edit. die die need to use their own theme to edit. NNB... damn pissed. most of the design is not wat i wan.. how to edit? i dunno. i not website pro. Livejournal jus sucks. LJ <<<< muahhaha ur nick nick name..

5:02 PM.
September 23, 2008

人在做, 天在看

要付出, 才会有收获

jus these two sentence is enough for this entry.

heres the chinese to english dictionary... haha..


4:18 PM.
September 22, 2008

ITS back... after SO MANY DAYSSSSSSSSSSSS.... MTHSSSSSSSSSS...... YRS..............


Spend my life thinkin why why why?? why i still wasting my life till now? untill ppl beside me is leaving. leaving for their own gd. PATHETIC!!!! this post is jus the start. more to come in the future. more EXCITING stuff. story of how i will change my life. will earn back TWICE how much i have wasted from the last post till this post.

pple say ns life is waste of time. my mouth oso always says this when i in ns.. ALWAYS cursing the gov cursing why so stupid y mus serve ns instead of give us the time work in the society gain experience.

Untill the day the pink IC reach my hand. ALL STARTED TO CHANGED! no-more says "sir" no-more tying the stupid fucking long shoe lace, no more waking up at 5.30am!! earlier den my gf, no-more playing saf office politics, no more hearing "hey, u know ytd the fucker wanna aim me. knn i nv do any wrong wanna aim me. FUCKERS." wa lan i hear this my mind sian. another fucking matter again. no-more UNLIMITED OFFS.... tis the best part, i have unlimited off. of coz nuthing come for free, i have to sacrifice some of my time do some easy jods thats it off for tml. hhaa..no-more chiong over nite in forest nv shit nv brush teeth nv urine etc etc.. no -more
leaving the one i love at hm during my out field . . AND MANY NO-MOre... 2 yrs of no-more u think i can finish in one post... wait long long.

My boss CO LTC chua, we seldom tok u believe? SELDOM!!! till now still less den 20 sentence. but i respect him. the face nv smile. but care for nsf. to reach this rank, he really fits.

my 2nd boss godmum.. fucking funny.. someone even says we are together. oh come on... u jealous i got unlimited off? nvm i forgive those naive coz u are working in office.

Working in office i learn alot, not everything i learn is perfect. i learn some ways to deal with GOOD pple too. ha.. for the sake of earning $3000+ frm saf u wanna do this to someone and make other pple smile. FUCK OFF!!! u this retard!!!... i dun wanna say ur name out coz u already brought shame on ur religion. knn.. u oso like one of the retard, nsf dun wanna say u coz they jus wan a better life.

thanks to all the fuckers i know, without u fuckers, i think nsf will go weaker in the society. thanks fuckers, u are too old, ur time is up. have a gd rest. RIP.

Sometimes i think workin in civilian is very exciting. coz working in saf office and civilian is diff.
saf u see rank and boss. outside u onli see power. lol! and outside everyone is equal except boss. i will be in this line soon. more exciting coming up.

for 2 yrs when i serving ns, we always quarrel, i know this will nv stop. but lucky still maintain. losing hope in someone means the person is frm bad to worst. i always listen to storys of during ns relationship got prob and thats it. i thot i am the one, but u are doing more den a gf will do, tats y we are still together. i feel regret when i thot of the stuff i shld not have done. last 2 yrs i always think tat i have no freedom. but actually freedom = time management. I HAVE EVEN MORE FREEDOM now. i jus nv make full use of it. On the day i got my PINK card, the 1st thing i thot of was "at last we can have a better life." now i wanna change it to "from now on we will have better life." times up, u have run for 2 yrs. Its time u hand over the baton to me. I will start running when this post is up. u jus have to watch me to prevent the baton from dropping. thank you. 耿岩.

2:55 PM.
December 14, 2006


5:28 PM.


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